Category Concepts

WBS vs. Backlog

Two lego fencing figures fighting as a reference to the EDT vs Backlog battle.

Some of the most popular questions in the project environment and, of course, in agile evolution processes show a rivalry between the WBS and the Backlog. Although such a fight is somewhat silly in my humble opinion, here...

Hyperagile or hyperagility

Image of lights at high speed leaving a somewhat chaotic but beautiful flash as an analogy of hyperagility.

What does hyperagile mean? Although it is not a new term, here I explain the details about this concept and what it implies for organizations that want to achieve a complete evolution of culture. Hyperagility: Another buzzword? Agility is...

Product Owner or Scrum Master

An image of a boxing training session between two athletes.

It is common to find people certified as both Scrum Master and Product Owner. As confusing as it may be for me, it's not uncommon to converse - in person or through social media - with people who for some reason have become Scrum...

Steps to realize a project

Hand pointing to a route on an underground map - as a guide to the way ahead

It doesn't matter if you are an expert or not in project management. Starting a project always has its challenges. However, it is possible to establish a small sequence of steps to carry out a project. Here is a useful guide that will allow you to...

What is DevOps?

SpaceX Rocket Launch - Represents Launch & DevOps

You may have heard the term DevOps before. But what is DevOps really, what does it mean for teams, and in what contexts can the term be applied? Here's how. However, DevOps is not only...

Project Management Methodology

Most popular project management methodologies

For many of us who are immersed in the world of project management it is common to hear the term project management methodology. However, the term "methodology" is not my favorite term, and I feel that it is more in...