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A Good Scrum Master's Guide

Funko Superman in shallow focus as a hero

With the rise of agility and the cultural transformation that organizations live in their agile evolution, the role of the Scrum Master takes center stage. This short article aims to give you an idea of what it means to be a good Scrum...

WBS vs. Backlog

Two lego fencing figures fighting as a reference to the EDT vs Backlog battle.

Some of the most popular questions in the project environment and, of course, in agile evolution processes show a rivalry between the WBS and the Backlog. Although such a fight is somewhat silly in my humble opinion, here...

Hyperagile or hyperagility

Image of lights at high speed leaving a somewhat chaotic but beautiful flash as an analogy of hyperagility.

What does hyperagile mean? Although it is not a new term, here I explain the details about this concept and what it implies for organizations that want to achieve a complete evolution of culture. Hyperagility: Another buzzword? Agility is...

The best email clients

Picture with many mailboxes together representing the communication chaos of our time.

You might think, why Alberto decided to talk about email clients in his management blog? Well, the truth is that a big part of my job is to send and receive emails and, by the way, manage my agenda. To do this...

How to solve conflicts in your team?

A man arguing on the phone

Let's be clear, all of us, without exception, have had to deal with conflict at work and in our personal lives. It's an inevitable part of social and work dynamics. So, why not learn how to resolve conflicts at work and in our personal lives?

Steps to realize a project

Hand pointing to a route on an underground map - as a guide to the way ahead

It doesn't matter if you are an expert or not in project management. Starting a project always has its challenges. However, it is possible to establish a small sequence of steps to carry out a project. Here is a useful guide that will allow you to...

Retrospective or Sprint Retrospective

Image of a rear-view mirror that evokes a moment of reflection on what we have lived or experienced in an iteration or period.

The word retrospective comes from the Latin "retrospicere" which means "to look back". In film, television and literature, a technique called "flashback" - or analepsis - is used that seeks to connect different moments in time and develop...